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Developing Web Applications on Windows 10

February 27, 2017

Oh I was so desperately waiting for a new Macbook Pro to be released in 2017. And it was. And I was so disappointed, like many others were. I wasn't looking for a super thin designer laptop, what I need is a work horse. At the same time I was also disappointed by the performance of Ubuntu on my…

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Scala compiler fails with Linux directory encryption

October 31, 2015

I'm always quiet excited when a new release of my currently favorite Linux OS appears and so I was installing shiny Ubuntu 15.10 on a test machine a few days ago. There aren't many visible changes even compared to 14.04 which I use for daily work. Still, there is progress and excitement lies in the…

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Converting my old Wordpress posts to Markdown

October 05, 2015

I was moving my old Wordpress site to a new statically generated version. Getting hacked sucks, you know... This site is generated by Cryogen , a fairly simple Clojure based site generator. Cryogen uses Markdown or Asciidoc files for posts and pages. Now the task was to extract old posts from…

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ClojureScript Testing with Doo and Figwheel

September 22, 2015

These days I was playing with strategies to run ClojureScript tests. Information about this particular topic is not too easy to find, so here's a short list of posts I found particularly useful: How can you test ClojureScript applications and libraries? Testing ClojureScript code with cljs.test with…

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Tunneling SSH Connections

September 21, 2015

Problem You want to access a firewalled server from your local machine which has a dynamic IP assigned by your internet provider that changes regularly. The server you want to access has a firewall that whitelists the IP addresses that are allowed to access. Solution The solution I found working for…

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A New Time, a New Blog

July 31, 2015

After torching my old site (Wordpress, vulnerable, was compromised, bla, bla) I was long thinking about what to do with the new. I wanted to make it easier for me to publish new posts, and a bit more tech savvy, that is. And I wanted to have a static site that does not expose my server to all the…

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A First Post

July 29, 2015

This is the place that needs to be filled with cool posts Really need to write something.

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