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AGYNAMIX; Mar 2015 -> Dec 2017


Numerix was planned as a multi tenant tool for freelancers or small companies. It contains modules for

time tracking; invoice generation (from tracked time and extra items); document management, multi document upload; a knowledge base; chat rooms, complete with callout and notifications; user management, complete with notification emails, password reset, etc.; a calendar

On the technical side, Numerix is a Clojure / Clojurescript project using Reagent and re-frame, storing data into a MongoDB. It uses a role based permissions system similar to Apache Shiro's wildcard permissions.

  • You can create invoices from tracked time and also adding manual entries along with different taxes, a generated invoice number etc. When done you can generate a PDF from it via the Flying Saucer project.

Unser Gartenverein

AGYNAMIX; Nov 2012 -> Dec 2016


Gartenverein is an attempt to create a hosted application to manage small garden communities in Germany.

Garden communities are managed like associations. Invoices need to be sent, water and power meter readings have to be collected and stored.

This software manages garden tenants, readings, documents, a shared calendar and more.

  • After logging in you are greeted with a Dashboard like overview with up-to-date information. From there you can quickly navigate to areas like bulk letters, invoices, dates, documents and more.


AGYNAMIX; Oct 2008 -> Dec 2011


I developed a small cross platform application that is used to copy your computers clipboard contents, files or whole directories to connected machines.

Simidude is a cross platform network clipboard and file sharing tool. When it starts up it automatically checks your local lan for other running instances and connects to them. After that transmitting a file from one machine to another is just a drag and drop operation with Simidude.

Simidude runs on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, as well as in virtual machines.

  • AGYNAMIX Simidude

    This shows the Simidude main windows where you can drag and drop files or directories upon and they appear on all connected Simidude instances.

    Items copied to the clipboard will also appear in the list, are transfered and can be activated on any connected computer.


AGYNAMIX; Jul 2005 -> Dec 2015

JavaEclipse RCPPostgreSQLSpringOPC

I started AGYNAMIX by the end of 2004 to create a company where I could create great software according to what I have learned in the past decade and not according to managers that have never delivered a line of code.

My first product was a monitoring software for water supply companies. It was a pretty large project featuring a server side Java application written using these technologies:

the Spring framework a PostgreSql database Java COM connectivity to manage GSM modems to send warnings an OPC (Ole for Process Control) COM library to connect to existing software

With these tools I developed an Eclipse RCP application that uses Eclipse GEF to visualize the data (show a nice chart and current values).

  • The Net-Herald box image