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Announce: Dopus 0.9.14 released

Torsten Uhlmann

February 15, 2008

AGYNAMIX, Blogger, Java, Scala, Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann


I wrapped up a new release of Dopus. This release includes a few bugfixes as well as new support for Docbook Website creation. From the release notes:

  • **Version 0.9.14**
  • Support for Website creation. The new targets "ws-tab" for the creation of tabular website and "website" for non tabular websites.
  • If you now create a directory "copy_to_output" it's content will entirely and recursively be copied to the output directory.
  • You can now have a folder "common-files" in the "custom-cfg" folder of your document. If that one exists, common files will be taken from there instead from the global "custom-xsl" directory.
  • Cleaned up a bug in the generator script that appeared on Linux.
  • No more warnings when a specific style.css is not available

Dopus is available for download at the usual place. Please test the new website feature and report any bugs via the helpdesk. Tell me what you think! Thanks for using Dopus, and enjoy!

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