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Announce: Dopus 0.9.13 released

Torsten Uhlmann

August 16, 2007

AGYNAMIX, Blogger, Java, Scala, Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann


I wrapped up a new release of Dopus. This is a bug fix release. There was a problem with the included fonts (there XML description files) that made them unsearchable in applications like Acrobat Reader. While I was at it I clean up some other minor glitches. Dopus is available for download at the usual place. I'm planning to wrap together a new version of Dopus (possibly under a new name- or just Dopus2) that would sport Docbook 5 and FOP 0.93 (the latest version) support. I find it rather hard to support a package that holds two so different Docbook versions and therefore would rather go the route to release a new bundle. I'd like to hear from you about this. Tell me what you think! Thanks for using Dopus, and enjoy!

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