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My world broke into pieces

Torsten Uhlmann

August 05, 2007

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Photo by Torsten Uhlmann


Yesterday, the incredible happened.


In just a moment, with the blinking of an eye, the world I had know was destroyed. Scattered. What happened, you may ask (and even if you don't because you don't bother a slightest bit I'm gonna tell you)?

Our TV broke.

It's gone. It won't come back. The world is changing.

On Friday morning our son was home alone (no, his name is not Kevin). In an attempt to do something good he wanted to pull something up from behind our living room shelf. To do so he had to pull the TV slightly forward, just slightly, just a little bit, uh, too late. The whole thing crashed out of the shelf onto the floor.

Now there is a gaping hole where there once was that thing that brought entertainment into relaxing evenings. And now? Do I have to start thinking again? Do I now have to do something useful instead of just consuming "NaviCIS", "Monk" or "The Unit"?

While I hate that thought I actually think Daniel (that son) did something great. He just took that darn thing out that consumed so much time. Of course it's a pain to adjust to the new requirements, but I honestly think (while I'm by far not sure if Idon't just hush out and buy a new one- shiny, full HD, Media Center ready piece of time consuming plastic) we're into something good. And it's also interesting to watch the own soul. How much did I get accustomed to the thing? Puh.

And you know, my wife just insists in not buying a new one.


I still love her.

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