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Dopus (0.9.6) available with and without JRE

Torsten Uhlmann

December 06, 2006

AGYNAMIX, Blogger, Java, Scala, Javascript, Typescript, ReactJS

Photo by Torsten Uhlmann


Dopus as been enhanced again. It now includes a "ReleaseNotes" document that tracks changes. Amongst others there are now two versions available, one with JRE, one without. So if you are on Mac or Unix or already have a Windows JRE installed you can save yourself some bandwidth and download the significantly smaller version. Changes include:

  • Support for HTTP proxy if you are behind a firewall
  • Support for multiple Docbook DTD's. Version 4.4 and 4.5 are included, 4.5 is the default now
  • Resolved some problems with Javahelp generation. The document is now indexed and the index is included in Javahelp. Also there was a problem when Docbook titles contained "emphasis" tags.

Happy downloading...

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