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November 14, 2008

Simidude logo

You don't believe all the steps involved in creating an application! One of those things you forget most easily is having a logo for your aplication. Something your app is identified with. Now since my artistic skills are rather underexposed I wisely decided to hire someone to create a logo. Thankfully the guys at BOS discussed this matter in a recent thread so all I had to do was to check out the mentioned and recommended artists. I ended up with Arslogodesign and I'm very pleased so far. At first contact you basically fill out some briefing information that tells them about your company/product, your ideas etc. They then develop 5 drafts for you from which you can choose one which in multiple steps would be refined afterwards. Here are these 5 logos: After some discussion we settled on the first version. I feel it represents the nature of the application quiet well. Another side effect is that I can use the joint squares as theme for an application icon. Oh well, an application icon is the next thing I need to get done...

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