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July 5, 2006

Eclipse GEF and transparent images

Well then, the other day I tried to improve the appearance of Net-Herald, our monitoring and controlling application (video here). Overview In the overview you see the result of this adventure. I have set a background image (the clouds) to make the look more attractive. The user can insert any image (texture, a country map, a technical plan) to merge with the shown elements. The image is drawn in the root element of the GEF diagram (condensed view): protected IFigure createFigure() { Figure f = new FreeformLayer() { @Override protected void paintFigure(Graphics graphics) { Image img = getCastedModel().getImage(); if (img != null) { graphics.drawImage(img, 0, 0); } else { super.paintFigure(graphics); } } }; f.setOpaque(false); f.setBorder(new MarginBorder(3)); f.setLayoutManager(new FreeformLayout()); return f; } The FreeformLayer does not support background images by itself, but this little adaption does the trick. Now, the next problem was the shown elements- they didn't like to be drawn transparently. Even the setOpaque() method could not help: Opaque

Now I took my new learned knowledge about adapting the paintFigure() method and thought about drawing a 1 pixel transparent gif as background of my element. I subclassed Panel() which I use as a container for the element's figures (file attached). Voila! Transparent The 1 pixel image is scaled over the whole background of the element and GEF knows how to (not) display it... Moral: Make the user happy :) Class TransparentPanel

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