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Why should you use the Network Clipboard Simidude?

AGYNAMIX Simidude is a free, cross platform network clipboard that makes it easy to transfer text, images, files or folders from one computer to another.

Just drag your file, folder, browser URL, text, etc., into Simidude on one computer, and then go to another Windows, Mac, or Linux computer on your network and drag the item from Simidude into its remote destination. No fiddling around with your network installation.

“I’m giving Simidude a bit more of a work out now, and I have to say – HOLY COW!! It’s awesome! It does what it does extremely well.” – @KarenTweet

Synchronize your clipboard across multiple machines.

Did you ever copy some URL into the clipboard of one computer, and then hope that somehow magically that clipboard item would be available on the other computer where you really needed it? Simidude makes that possible, by synchronizing your clipboard items between connected machines running the application.

“This is great for somebody like me with linux/mac/pc boxes all on at the same time :)
- @crazeegeekchick

Integrate your virtual machines into your workflow.

If you have virtual machine servers without desktop integration running, it is always a pain to copy files back and forth. With Simidude, you can now easily drag your files into and out of the virtual machine.

“A big thanks for this very useful product!…the ‘one license per cluster’ scheme is very kind.” – Patrick J.

Simidude runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

To really integrate your IT, you need tools that are available on multiple platforms. Simidude includes an easy-to-handle installer for Windows, Mac or Linux.

“A superbly simple and effective piece of software, which will save me the hassle of constantly having to cut and paste information into OneNote and then “recapture” it on my other network machines.” – Graham Rhind

Easy to use, easy to understand.

The Simidude interface was designed to be clean and easy to use. Copying from computer to another is as easy and fast as drag and drop.

“I was very impressed with the ease of use.” – @KarenTweet

Download Simidude now FREE!

Go right ahead and download your copy of Simidude. See how it will simplify your cross platform computer work!

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