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simidude_buttonPainless Cross Platform Network Clipboard

Easily drag your files and folders from one computer to another. Synchronize your computer’s clipboards.
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dobudish_buttonDobuDish – Free

DobuDish (formerly known as Dopus) is a Docbook publishing framework. It was designed with portability and extensibility in mind. DobuDish can run on any Windows or Unix platform that supports Java.
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Tax Calculator – Freecalculator_button

Developed as part of an internship, this little tool helps bookkeepers calculate needed gross or net amounts at given tax rates. Requires .NET 2.0, German GUI only.
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inspector_buttonTag Inspector – Free

TagInspector is a simple tool for modifying the most important mp3 tags of a music file. You just drop the file unto TagInspector and it will show you the existing tags. You can modify them and click Save to write them back to disc. This is a very simple tool and its completely free. Please note that I don’t take responsibility for any damage this application might do to your music files, your hard drive or your fridge! TagInspector works on Windows and uses the .Net framework.
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clipme_buttonClipMe for Palm™ – FREE

ClipMe speeds up communication between Windows™ systems and Palm devices. Quickly create Palm memos, which aer transferred to your Palm the next time you synchronize your data.
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