Simidude 1.6.3 Release Notes

by tuhlmann on July 6, 2011 Posted in Business,IT,Newsletter,Simidude,english

Simidude 1.6.3 Release Notes

Today, I released version 1.6.3 of the Network Clipboard Simidude.
This one is a maintenance release – it mainly fixes a few bugs.

Simidude did crash on older Mac OS X versions because the new global shortcut handling on Mac depended on a library compiled for Snow Leopard. I fixed this so that crashes are no more (at least, not because of this).

I also updated the libraries that Simidude depends on on all platforms which probably also fixed a few bugs…

As always, you can download the updated Simidude here and I suggest you do- it’s free for everyone with a license.

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